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Funding available for FET courses

Financial Supports – KCETB Further Education and Training (FET)

Some further education courses are fully funded; others have reduced fees or are subsidised. Depending on your personal circumstances, you may  be entitled to funding or an allowance while you are in education.

You can meet with a qualified adult guidance counsellor (please see Adult Guidance Service) who will support you in applying for relevant funding options.

See www.studentfinance.ie for further information.

A list of some of the funding options is below.

List of Grants and Details

  • Must be over 21 yrs.
  • Must be 18-20yrs if out of formal education for two years.
  • Must be on a social welfare payment for certain time periods (waived for PUP recipients.)
  • Must be progressing in your level of education.
  • €500 payment per year if you have a qualifying child payment.
  • Full-time course.
  • Recognised QQI award or equivalent.

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  • Must be on a qualifying social welfare payment before starting the course.
  • Age-related, depending on the training centre.
  • You may also be entitled to related allowances e.g. travel, accommodation, meal, national childcare scheme in addition to the training allowance.
  • For courses run through Further Education and Training (FET) centres in Education and Training Boards (ETB) e.g. 

Local Training Initiatives

  • Community Training Centres – Carlow CTC and KEY
  • Training Services Unit courses
  • Youthreach

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  • Available to all families with children under three years-of-age  who have not yet qualified for free pre-schools.
  • 50c per hour, up to 45 hours maximum per week.
  • You can use your subsidy with any childcare provider who is participating in the scheme.

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To qualify for VTOS you must be: 

  • At least 21 years of age
  • On a qualifying social welfare payment for a minimum of six months
  • Assistance with books and materials is provided
  • You may also be entitled to related allowances e.g. travel, meal, national childcare scheme  

VTOS Carlow

VTOS Kilkenny

Several criteria including: 

  • Nationality and Residency 
  • Progressing in your level of education 
  • Means test 

Grant comes in two parts –

  1. Maintenance Grant 
  2. Fee Grant 

Income for grant purposes depends on which class of applicant you are, dependent or independent. 

Amount of funding is calculated based on income, family circumstance and distance to the college. 

Maintenance Grant: If awarded, it is paid into your account monthly, over nine months. 

Fee Grant: not paid for FET PLC Courses 

  • Must be an approved course in an approved institution. Listed on www.susi.ie – contact the Adult Guidance Service to check your course. 
  • Maintenance grant only for FET PLC courses.  
  • Available for limited periods per course level. 

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  • For those in receipt of certain social welfare payments but with a primary focus on jobseekers. 
  • You must meet with your case officer to apply.  

Up to €1000 

  • Short-term training 
  • To obtain or renew certification in order to gain employment e.g. Safe Pass, driving licences, HACCP, security industry permits

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The above is a summary on funding. For any questions, or to receive further information, please make an appointment with an adult guidance counsellor to discuss the options available to you. Specific deadlines apply to different course applications.

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Guidance Co-ordinator/ Counsellor: Ms. Orla Reddy

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Guidance Co-ordinator/Counsellor: Mr Shane Rooney
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